Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIP: Astra Militarum Chimera

My first piece of IG armor.

Excited to make some vehicles. I've been out of the hobby for almost a year, and was burned out on figures. Having a fun time with the tank, as it offers different challenges.

Model was easy to assemble, and the weapon choices were fun. Decided not to have the tank commander popping out of the hatch. Probably keep that distinction for Pask, when I get to the Leman Russ squadron.

I pre-shaded the body, as with all my vehicles, before applying the base layer of khaki.

Once the base layer was on, I masked the model using poster putty, and then applied the olive drab with an air brush. removing the mask reveals a clean, tiger-stripe camo pattern.

Like all my tanks, I keep the treads off until last. easiest to paint them separately, and then glue them on at the end.



  1. Nice, I did the same with masking tape, not such a clean edge, but looking good so far. I find tanks are quite rewarding due to the size, a Weeman Character takes me a week, or troops a few days to make 5, a whole tank takes me less or same and at the end of it, I have a big model!

  2. Blue tac is probably the perfect mask for camo, huh? Slightly fuzzy edge?

    1. Press it down well enough and the edges are very clean.