Tuesday, September 4, 2018

WIP: Deathwatch Kill Team

I mean, it was gonna happen at some point.

I was looking through the new Kill Team rules and saw the profiles for Deathwatch. Popped by the local shop and grabbed a kit for a very reasonable $35 US. That's the really smart thing about Kill Team, the format promotes purchase of models from armies you wouldn't normally start, because the model count needed is so low.

Had a great time checking the options in the rules, and building these models so that each was unique. With so few models on the table, the chance to make each a individual is rewarding, and helps visually identify specialists.

I'll finish these up in the coming week, and post more pictures.



  1. I love me some Deathwatch. The team is coming along great!

  2. Brilliant but don’t you fear just starting another huge army... I do ;)