Tuesday, April 14, 2020

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 20: Know No Fear

The grey tide goes out. The blue tide comes in.

I couldn't even field a battalion with the models I had, so I decided to pick up "Know No Fear" at my local shop. I knew I could sell off the Gravis captain and the Deathguard and make up most of the cost, and that's exactly what I did. Five intercessors, five hellblaster and three inceptors cost me $23 in total.

That will give me three squads of troops, some additional punch in the hellblasters and I get to paint three more of my favorite model, the inceptors.

I've purchased some aftermarket hooded heads from puppetswar. They took forever to arrive in the post from Poland, but they're cleanly sculpted and cast. Those will go on my Sargeants, giving the army some thematic flair.

Hurm. I kinda went into this whole "Dark Angels" thing pretty hard...


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  1. They are coming along great. and I love the heads! Lots of great expression to the faces.