Tuesday, September 1, 2020

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 26: Eradicators

I'll see you on the squash court!

Sorry, can't say the name of this unit without thinking of the classic Kids in the Hall sketch.

Now you can't either.

This made a logical next step for my journey through Indomitus, as I'd already completed the Assault Intercessors. Using my speed painting formula, I put these three models together in a day, sprue to finish.

Painted the weapons separately, to make detailing the chests easier, and the press fit popped together snugly with no issues after.

I also experimented with some heat bluing on the barrels using purple and sepia washes. Mildly successful, I think.

Swapped the Sgt.'s head with an extra gravis I had from the Dark Imperium Captain. I've decided that unlike the rest of my army, the squads in gravis armor will wear helmets.

Like the Assault Intercessors, my 3rd company Fire Support slots were already full, so these are from the 9th company, and are marked as supplemental squad 15.

here's to another squad complete. We're slowly working our way through Indomitus!


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  1. Very nice! Love the crisp clean look...all the colors are isolated and pop very well. Great DA color scheme.