Tuesday, September 7, 2021

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 30: Ravenwing Outrider conversion complete


Our Ravenwing begins to take shape.

Began these conversions last summer when I purchased Indomitus, and now that I’ve settled into Tokyo and have a dedicated hobby space again, I finished up the champion as a “proof of concept”.

I HATE painting black armor, and highlighting everything to make it look great, so I experimented with metallics and color filters. I started with a a black prime, followed by a metallic silver zenithal highlight. I then did an oil wash to darken the recesses, and once the model was dry, I used a single coat of GW Basillicanum grey, followed by six (yes, six) coats of GW Deathshroud Clear through the airbrush. The Deathshroud has very poor opacity, and it took that many coats to darken the silver to the desired shade without loosing the metallic effect.

Unlike most of my bases, instead of adding texture paint or sculpted elements, the bare surface was perfect for “asphalt”. I masked base and applied some white through the airbrush to create a “crosswalk” to break up the surface visually.

Once I painted the model and applied washes to weather the base, I assembled the model and it looked like this:

Quite pleased with how this turned out, and am looking forward to finishing the Ancient and the Apothecary.



  1. looks great!

    Have you tried the hairspray trick or chipping medium to weather up the paint on the base? Would loan you some of my MIG Chipping Medium if you weren't on the other side of the planet. If only there were crafting stores in Tokyo...

  2. That’s pretty cool. As for basing, the plain asphalt looks good, if you want to roughen it add some fine sand patches and can even add some kerb stone to vary the height. But the weathering on the base makes it look absolutely spot on, very Tokyo, very Akira haha.