Saturday, January 21, 2023

WIP: MKIV Salamander Tactical Squad

I've spent WAY too much time on these, but my first squad is done!

After 3+ years away from painting I had some rust to knock off, and more than a few dried out paint pots to replace. Some of these models are better than others, and they don't all match in terms of paint method, but I'm calling this good enough for now. This squad, along with an in-progress Ancient and Apothecary, were really about testing out paint schemes. 

I've figured out what I don't like (contrast paints for anything without heavy texture). I've figured out some things I do like (actually decided I'm good with the suggested GW scheme and totally think hand-painted flames are worth it on occasional models). I forgot how much I hate putting decals on shoulder pads- and the salamander logo is especially unforgiving- just a big rectangle with no places to put slices in it to help it wrap. I love the look of my Melta guy but he's definitely the one I spent the most time on with careful edge highlighting, etc. I'm certainly not going to put that much effort into every single model. I'll be doing more drybrushing on the next squad, but I was definitely rusty with that technique on these guys. Those models aren't getting closeups.

So there's more experimenting to do. Aggressors are up next and I'm debating doing a bit of a zenithal highlight with that moot green, or a mixed down version. Kind of wishing I'd done a Waagah Flesh base to get a bit more depth too, but with my next 10 models already based in this green I won't get to try that for a while. Maybe just for consistency's sake I'll stick to the GW recipe.

Now to figure out bases. I want something that feels Salamander-appropriate, but I'm not really feeling the lava thing. It's more effort than it's worth to me to get them looking really good. I bought some of the technical paints and I might try kind of a burnt out desert wasteland vibe, like the Salamanders have come through and burnt everything to a crisp. I'll probably do a couple of test bases and see what I like. I love doing bases for some reason. 

Also bought the new White Scars boxed set- not because I'm starting another new army (yet), but because I wanted some ATVs and a Chaplain and I can get them for cheap by selling off all the bikes and the HQ. So one month in and I'm already buying up way too many models before I've even finished anything. Damn you GW. 

See you next time with some hopefully totally completed models. 



  1. great to see you back at it! these are coming along nicely!

  2. Welcome back and a great job, not many Sallies out there, so these are a welcome addition to the blogosphere!