Thursday, May 25, 2023

WIP: Salamanders ATV Finished


After a really productive opening to the year, life got in the way and slowed things down. But I've finally polished off the ATV. Here's a few details and WIP shots, since I've been bad about posting. 

I tried a lot of new stuff on this vehicle and had a lot of fun doing it. I've been getting more deliberate and careful with my edge highlighting- not 100% there yet, but getting better every time. I also took on some new weathering techniques inspired by @orc.butt on Instagram and tried some new mud techniques. Pretty happy with how things came out, although I ended up getting a little crazy with the mud and covered up some details I'd have like to have kept, and it's maybe a little too wet looking considering the dusty environment the rest of my Salamanders are in. 

I had a big idea to have this subtle lizard scale pattern along the front fenders and the front shield that you can sort of see below. It came out OK. Probably needs a little more contrast next time. I ended up covering up the majority of it with scratches and mud anyway, so we'll call that a learning experience that I can improve on next time.

My hobby setup these days is restricted to one small area on my office desk and that only allows me to do one thing at a time, so airbrushing of the final matte varnish and proper photos will have to wait until I've got a batch of them to do all at once. 

Now on to my first HQ unit for this army- a biker Chaplain that's already in progress. 


  1. shit. now I've got to go back and redo all the tires on my bikes... DAMN those are sweet.

  2. Super easy and fun too. Saw a video somewhere where the guy just mixed pigments with water and brushed them on. I decided to add a little pigment fixer to the mix for good measure. It holds pretty well now, but not so solid that you can't rub some off with a wet cotton swab if you (like me) overdo it. I'll matte varnish these later and it'll be locked for good.