Monday, July 27, 2015

WIP: Alpha 'Fiend- Paint Begins

After a brief interruption to clean up some missed seams, etc., the 'Fiend gets under the airbrush.

Got myself a 3 hour block with the girlfriend out of the house today and got to throw some paint at my 'Fiend. This is a tricky one. I couldn't figure out an obvious order to paint things in. There's so many parts that have weird overlaps, etc, you never quite know which color should be sprayed first. Think I worked it out pretty well though.

I started out with the flesh tones (header pic), using the Bugman's Glow recommended in GW's official Alpha painting guide over a light gray primer.

Next I decided to freehand spray the black over any large metal areas, and do a little preshading under what will be blue. I had to be careful not to get too close to the fleshy edges, and will go back later and clean those up with a brush. The large surfaces will be nice and airbrush smooth, and it'll save me a ton of time later.

Finally, I got the parts ready for the blue spray, using Blu Tak to make a quick and easy mask. Fortunately nothing here has to be too exact as it's all bordered by metal later, so I just have to mask for overspray.

Along the way, I used the Bugman's in my airbrush to start out my base. I spritzed the light brown in patches around the base, followed by Gorthor Brown in more patches to give the ground some variation in tones.

I then followed that up with some Rhinox Hide.

This will all get tied together with some washes later after I've picked out the details. 

Well, I'm off to Gen Con this week. Anyone else going to get their game on?


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