Monday, September 23, 2013


These Ork Nobz from the Assault on Black Reach starter set were some of the first Warhammer miniatures I painted when I started the hobby in January of 2012.

The AoBR set was a great start to the hobby. It was reasonably priced and came with a solid selection of Space Marine and Ork miniatures, but the character and variety of the Orks really stole the show. The models are packed with intricate detail from broken teeth and dented armor to floppy boots and scavenged weapons.

I painted these Nobz before I learned about washes (now called shades), so these were completed using a black undercoat, followed by base coats for the pants, armor and metal, then a drybrush for the pants, and metal. The skin tones were entirely dry brushed. The resulting shadows are deeper and darker as the black undercoat shows through, giving them an almost comic book feel. I then finished the details like the straps, buckles, wires and teeth - and even used 'ard coat gloss on the mouths and chins to give them a slobbery appearance.

While I don't field an Ork army (one horde army is enough, thanks) I still have a special place in my heart for these miniatures, and the Ork range in general.

Are you painting Orks? Have you painted the Black Reach starter set? Share in the comments below.

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