Friday, September 20, 2013

SHOWCASE: Tyranid Warriors

I painted these warriors as part of my growing Hive Fleet; Unending Maw. They contain numerous, small conversions to modify the poses and add story elements to the bases. (note the ultramarine helmet at the feet of one of the advancing warriors.)

Shortly after I entered the hobby, I began collecting Tyranids. Sure, they were broken in 5th edition and damn near impossible to win with, (and only got worse in 6th) but like a lot of people, I connected with them viscerally. The designs are an imaginative blend of Gieger's classic Xenomorph and countless sci-fi movie monsters, with a splash of Lovecraft tossed in for good measure.

I'll freely admit to stealing the two coolest poses from a fantastic video I found on youtube - linked HERE so you can view it as well. I think her poses are dynamic and unique. Be sure to check out her other videos too, the carnifexes are amazing!


  1. Think you pulled off the vaulting pose better than she did. Weight is much better

  2. I like all the details even in the openings of the muscles - nicely done banana!

  3. Vaulting warrior is phenomenal. Think you meant to say "only got better in 6th"