Monday, May 26, 2014

SHOWCASE: Space Marine Drop Pods

A small gallery of my completed drop pods.

I was lucky enough to purchase both of these, new and unpainted, from a player that was getting rid of his Space Marine army. One was new-in-box, and the other was assembled. The assembled pod took countless hours of masking and careful airbrushing, but in the end, they both turned out well.

I was unsure what the center console was supposed to be, so I opted for a simple metallic finish, but used gold to provide a color break from the rest of the harness assembly.

It took an eternity to mask and paint the caution stripes on the landing doors, but I think the effect was worth it. I also enjoyed "chipping" the paint using vallejo cold grey. Honestly, after dry brushing cork to look like rocks, it's one of my favorite things about the hobby.

Below, the pods deliver marines to a desolate, storm-torn world.



  1. Cheap-ass drop pod BS. Just wait til I get my assault vehicles and the new psychic phase makes my knights useable...mwuhahaha

  2. Wonderful pods! Always impressed by the people who paint the harnesses...i usually leave them off, so annoying!