Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights Interceptor Squad

Having fun breaking out a new squad.  Interceptors, assemble!
Quick post this week, just showing off my next squad.  Got them all cleaned up and glued in to sub-assemblies.  None of the arms are glued to the bodies, but many of them are glued to each other (through the two-handed weapons) to minimize tiny parts spread all over my table while painting.  We'll see if I regret that later.

One thing that annoys me about the basic Grey Knights box is that you can't really set a figure up to work with all 3 heavy weapon options like I did with my Terminators- not without some major conversion anyway. I opted to just give myself 2 of the 3 options and glued the two sets together as individual assemblies. There's two extra shoulder pads in the box, so I magnetized each set of arms and the body, and each set of arms will have a different set of shoulder pads.

You can also see I did a tiny bit of Green Stuff work on the bases, adding a couple of vines and leaves to keep them from all looking identical. None of the 5 I've got now are the same cast, but I will be buying more soon, and will definitely have repeats then. Last week's Librarian will be joining this squad through the painting process to keep me moving quickly. On to base coating!

That's all for this week.  Hoping to have something a little different up next week's post. Catch ya on the flipside.


  1. Looking good. Interesting concept on the keeping the sprue intact on the legs. Do you find that helps hold them while painting?

  2. Definitely! Otherwise I'd have to find a spot to stab it with a pin to hold it while I was painting. Doing it like this, I can just grab the sprue with a clip. I might clip them off now though, and drill some holes in the feet for armature wire. I haven't been too happy with butt gluing them to the bases and find they need a little more support. The armature wire gives me something to hold while painting, and the structure to hold them to the bases later

    1. I may have to try this. Love finding these little tips and such on the web. Thanks for taking the time to share them!