Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NOTICE: Reference Images

This week's post is a quick one. I've added a new link on the toolbar above for reference images. I've been collecting images for years of interesting surfaces, patterns, or just things I want to remember for future art projects.  Problem is I never had a place to put them, so they've all just disappeared in to the depths of 3 different computers' hard drives.  I went to Nashville last week for a few days and found a wealth of inspiration, from weathering metal and wood to OSL.

This collection is pretty modest for the time being, but I intend to add to it, and invite the other blog contributors to do the same (it's in the pages section rather than the posts, gents). You can't paint what you can't picture in your head.  I hope these images and the ones to follow can help all of us get better with our painting.



  1. Great idea Deet! One of the nice things about delving into you really start to notice all the cool stuff around you.

    Pieces of junk because new base additions. Dirt adds texture,etc.

  2. great addition. thanks for posting that up.