Monday, October 6, 2014

WIP: Necron Army - Part 3: Deathmarks

Time to make those deathmarks! Step by step progress pictures after the break.

Last week we realized we could have our cake and eat it too, and made Immortals despite the included sprue only having enough parts to make one or the other. This week we'll put together the hunters from hyperspace.

Because we used only the backs and heads from the sprue for the Immortals, we have everything we need to build the deathmarks without substitutions. It's a cool design, but to be honest, there isn't a lot a variation in the models. They're all in generally the same pose, and it's very difficult to make their heads do anything but look forward.

Look at the image; sculptural details in the neck, and the fact that the chin has to rest in the crook of the chest where the collar "bone" comes together, give the head no room to turn. I tried using some styrene post to elongate the neck to allow it to turn, but it looked goofy. I guess it will be rifles up and heads (mostly) forward for these guys...

We hit our models with a black primer.

Next, zenithal shades of vallejo gunmetal and vallejo silver, followed by a coat of GW agrax earthshade, and a coat of GW nuln oil. Once the washes were complete, I dry brushed with gunmetal and silver to bring out the highlights.

Once that was dry, we painted all the areas that would be green with a base of white. It's OK to be sloppy here, as we'll be painting over with other colors and can cleanup then.

Once the white was set, I painted vallejo scorpion green on all the surfaces, and then used GW bieltan green wash to create some shading.

I also painted the armor plates black, and then edge highlighted the panels and corners with vallejo cold grey.

Our elite snipers are complete, and ready to mark targets for execution!


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  1. Nice and simple. Clean look. You are making rapid progress on your necrons!