Thursday, October 15, 2015

WIP: Alpha 'Fiend - Going Quiet Over Here

Just as quickly as I got up to speed on this project, it's coming to a screeching halt. Good news is I've sold my condo. Bad news is I have to move out this weekend. Was making good progress on the metal. It'll probably take a couple of coats to make it smooth so it's slow going. Fingers crossed I get unpacked in time for a proper post next week.



  1. When I moved apartments, I kept all my painting stuff separately so as soon as I moved it was the first thing I unpacked. ;-)

    1. We're moving in to a TINY place, as it's temporary and we don't want to waste a ton of money. My girlfriend is a neat freak, and also has serious issues with stuff in boxes. OCD attacks galore. We'll be 100% unpacked before we go to bed Saturday night. I'll be drinking heavily.
      But yes, a small amount of painting stuff will be going with me- just my tool box of paint/brushes, and the small box with all the 'Fiend parts and the marines I've got started. Airbrush will be in storage until I buy a house. Good thing I'm slow and have plenty of brushing to keep me occupied.

  2. Congrats on selling the condo. Hope everything works out in the new place! You'll get it sorted.

  3. I loved painting the forge fiend. Yours is coming along great.