Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WIP: Necron Lychguard

Some Lychguard I bought at a local independent shop.

My nearest GW store closed in May, but I was able to find a local, independent shop I'd never visited. Have to support the store, so I picked up a box of Lychguard. (Needed them to round out my list to 1850, for their monthly tournaments!)

I purchased a box of these with my original army last year, and converted them to lords and crypteks. ...And they immediately changed the codex and made crypteks obsolete. I converted three of them back into named characters, Nemesor Zandrehk, Vargard Oberyn and Orikan the Deviner, as seen below.

I needed one more Lychguard to make the unit six models, and an exact 1850, so I popped the arms off one of the old cryptek conversions and gave him the hyperphase sword and dispersion shield. Perfecto!

That last cryptek sits in my bits box. Maybe someday I'll convert him to another character. Ideas?



  1. Always good to support your local store, whether that be GW or an independent retailer. Problem is, the people who run the local independent store (Note: just a general model store) to me are very unfriendly :( Luckily, I have two GW's within 25 minutes drive, if I feel like I need someone to play :D
    Good Work! It is a shame crypteks were literally obliterated in the new necron codex. My friend had one, and it used to be a nightmare to play against.

  2. I love Obyron. As for the Cryptek, err.. a flayed one?