Thursday, February 25, 2016

SHOWCASE: Alpha Legion Maulerfiend / Forgefiend

At long last, my 'Fiend is complete. Check him out in all his rusty glory!

I really took my time on this guy. I mean really. Like more than 6 months. Yeah, I worked on some other stuff in that time, but this was the primary model. Yeah, I sold a house, moved, shopped for a new house, got engaged, planned a wedding. I was busy. Sue me. I really love this model though. One of my favorites I've done yet, but really glad that this is the last time I'll be posting this model up. No more WIP shots!

I magnetized the bejeezus out of this thing. Both gun types, both heads, combat arms, middle legs, shoulder pads, and all accessories are all swappable. 19 different connections, I think? It's a pain in the butt, and some of them don't really hold on all that well anymore. I might have to reinforce some of those magnets a touch in the future. It does leave me with a lot of options though, and that's always a good thing in this world of the ever-changing codex.

Here he is in Forgefiend mode. Full Ectoplasma cannon configuration. Took my time on the green glow and it was really my first attempt at OSL. Blending is getting better steadily as is my edging. I think the green helps with those I'm-viewing-in-a-vacuum-and-your-Alphas-aren't-green-enough types, but I'll never win that battle.

And here he is in F-Your-Couch Maulerfiend mode with Lasher Tendrils at the ready. I've read that he's damn near impossible to get in to close combat and most don't run him, but I really love the look of it. Sometimes you've just got to run those models anyway, just for funsies.

I also had some fun building this base. Made a nice muddy battlefield with a hand-built brick-by-brick wall for the Maulerfiend's hand to smash through. Just about all the materials on that base came from Secret Weapon and they're a lot of fun to work with. Nice that I can actually submit this to GW for publication too (3rd party bases disqualify my Grey Knights- boo).

After initially thinking the Chaos stuff was a little cheesy, I'm actually really liking these Demon Engine models and am looking forward to some more Chaos-y goodness soon.

Special thanks to Trip for taking the purdy pics for me while my camera setup is in boxes!



  1. Missed a bunch of your update posts...glad to come back in time to see him in all his glory. Wow. Just wow. Spectacular!

  2. That is something special. Bravo.