Tuesday, March 1, 2016

WIP: Imperial Guard Army

And so it begins.

I purchased the Cadian Defense Force and the Start Collecting: Astra Militarum box. - when I start a new army, I really start a new army.

When I spread the sprues out, I questioned my choice. Why in the name of the Emperor did I start another horde based army?! I HATE painting the same model over and over again! :)

I do have something special in the works, though, to set them apart from most guard armies. Stay tuned...



  1. I'm guessing heads, since they all appear to be missing them...

    1. Well, I always paint the heads separately on all my models, but in this case, your guess is correct!

  2. I'm debating doing an Imperial Army army for 30K. I really love the Geno 52 Chiliad, the Lucifer Blacks, and the Prosperine Spireguard armies from the Heresy stories. The Chiliad and Spireguard look a lot like Vostroyan First Born so I might use them as a point of departure, using the Solar Auxilia models.