Tuesday, January 30, 2018

WIP: BANDAI 1:12 scale R2D2

"You're a feisty little one, but you'll soon learn some respect."

I know, it's not 40K related, but still! Regular readers might recall that I bought a bunch of Star Wars models on a trip to Japan a few years ago, and I finally decided to get around to them.

My japanese isn't good enough to read the instructions, but the detailed diagrams make building an uncomplicated but methodical task. The level of detail is a bit insane, as a single leg is comprised of over 20 separate parts-- but you'd expect that from the Japanese.

Which makes this next bit all the more difficult to swallow--

Look at that seam. WTH?! How are you gonna raise a kit to this level of detail and engineering finish, and design the dome, THE DOME, to have a giant-ass seam in the middle of it?!

So now, because I'm obsessive when it comes to model making, I can't just assemble the rest of it, I have to mask everything off, and then fill and repaint the whole head.

Ah, well.


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  1. I'm more surprised they didn't break it in to more parts. Probably losing some detail on the sides. No way to do that thing properly without several parts or slides.