Thursday, August 9, 2018

AUCTION: Bits and Kits!

Let's do some spring (late summer?) cleaning!

You gotta learn to let go.

I don't need these bits. My armies are built, and I'm not gonna need sprues and sprues of spare weapons and heads for completed models. My junk is your treasure. AUCTIONS ENDING THIS WEEKEND. Check the listing below!

Sector Imperialis Bits. They don't make this one anymore, and I've got a box full of leftover bits from it. Details in the listing, but almost too numerous to count.

Cadian Defense Force bits. Built an AM army and have a TON of bits left over. Didn't use ANY of the heads, as I ordered specialty sculpts. Gear up your conscripts!

Deathwatch Overkill Game Elements. I just wanted the models. I'm practically GIVING AWAY everything else.

Old style XV8 Crisis suits. I'm not gonna make these. New on sprue, but missing a few tiny bits that I used on other models.

Complete Kill Team Skitarii set. Everything Skitarii from the new Kill Team starter. Not available separately at retail.

Complete Kill Team Genestealer set. Everything Cult from the new Kill Team starter. Not available separately at retail.

Happy bidding!



  1. Bagged yourself a lot of the KillTeam terrain then? Selling off the old terrain...

    1. Keeping the old Terrain, just selling the bits!

  2. Might want to double check your links. The first three are sending me to expired auctions.

    1. Thanks for the reply. That's because The actions have ended and the items have sold. I'll post more in the future!