Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WIP: Space Marine Auction Restoration

Well, THIS oughtta be fun!

Sniped this auction in the last 15 seconds and I regret NOTHING!

I'm a sucker for restoration. I watch house flipping shows, antique restoration shows, and even hot wheels restoration videos on youtube. There's just something about taking something worn and ugly, and making it look amazing again. So when I saw this gigantic auction hovering under the $100 mark, I just couldn't pass it up.

And this lot? Whoo-boy, does it need some love. THIS is what I'm up against;

All the classic sins are here, mismatched gear, thick layers of paint, no washes, missing parts, ugly poses, whatever THAT thing is he's standing on-- the list goes on and on for every model.

I've said before, I don't need anymore marines, but, with over 130 marines in the lot, I only paid about a buck per model, and got two landspeeders for free. (that's just crazy) I'll "dip and flip" a lot of these guys and probably turn a profit.

What I don't sell off I'll paint as kill teams for Astartes chapters I've always wanted to paint-- but didn't want to commit to building an entire army.

Stay tuned for regular updates, including a detailed tutorial on how I strip models effortlessly without harming the plastic!



  1. Bargain. I still have a RT Predator needing the works... it’ll be worth it. I’m intrigued how you strip plastic without harming, metal I use Dettol, but the Pred could do with a strip...

    1. I've heard Dettol strips plastic without damaging it as well.

  2. This will be such a cool project to follow.

    I love rescuing old models/toys and restoring them too, so this is cool.