Tuesday, May 7, 2019

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 6: Deathwing Command Squad

A Chaplain, an Apothecary, a Champion, an Ancient and a Librarian walk into a bar...

Couldn't resist. Needed the robed heads for my primaris sargents, and figured I could build the Command characters from this set to add some... well, character to my Deathwing force.

I built the Chaplain using the head from the interrogator I purchased for my conversion. His crozius was made using a Mace of Absolution cut off at the top, with a random bit I had in my box. (likely from a vanilla terminator box) I added the halo from the primaris chaplain, and the armor plates over the groin from the interrogator chaplain.

The Apothecary was a straight build from the kit. Nothing Special here.

The Champion uses the Knight's robe, and the Halberd of Caliban included in the kit.

The Ancient uses the ornamental chest piece from the kit, and the included banner. I chose to give him a thunder hammer and storm shield because, why not?

The Librarian is built with the Knight's robes, and the head from the Primaris Librarian, as well as his psychic harness. His Power Stave was created using the Knight Master's Flail of the Unforgiven and a random imperial bit I had in my box. His outstretched hand was created using the left arm bolter from the kit. I chopped off the storm bolter and glued on the open hand from the primaris Librarian.

All are mounted on custom sculpted bases using bits from the Shattered Dominion scenic bases, and the greenstuff technique I discussed HERE.

I'll break out each of these characters in a separate post as I complete them. I've also got plenty of leftover bits to convert my remaining vanilla terminators from the restoration auction - but we'll get to that down the road.

Our Power level:
Captain in Gravis armor: 7
Apothecary: 4
Interrogator Chaplain: 6
Ancient: 4
Lieutenants: 10
Intercessor Squad 1: 5
Intercessor Squad 2: 5
Hellblasters Squad: 8
Inceptors: 10
Deathwing Squad 1: 13
Deathwing Squad 2: 13
Deathwing Knights: 12
Deathwing Chaplain: 6
Deathwing Champion: 6
Deathwing Ancient: 7
Deathwing Apothecary: 4
Deathwing Librarian: 8
Total: 128

Our expense so far:
Dark Imperium Primaris Marines: $78
Shattered Dominion Bases: $12 (sold unused 60mm bases for $20)
Deathwing Box: $51
Dark Vengeance Deathwing: $18
Used Terminators: $7
Oyamaru: $8
Greenstuff: $8
Apothecary: Gifted
Interrogator Chaplain $35
Primaris Chaplain $30
Deathwing Command $51
Current Tally: $299