Tuesday, July 9, 2019

H.O.W. TO: Painting Deathwing Terminators

A guide to painting the First Company of the Dark Angels.

Painting the Unforgiven's finest warriors can be easy following these simple steps.

First, the bare model is primed in white. You can do this with an aerosol primer, or using an airbrush. I airbrushed on Vallejo white polyurethane primer. Either way, be sure to let the model set for 24 hours before applying any more paint.

Once the model was set, I applied a layer of Games Workshop Ushabti Bone. You can use an airbrush or apply two thin coats with a medium layer brush.

(OPTIONAL STEP) I applied a shadow layer by airbrushing Games Workshop Zandri Dust on the underside of the model, enhancing the shadows.

When the Ushabti was dry, I applied Games Workshop Seraphim Sepia shade to the recesses and details and allowed 30 minutes to dry completely.

When I was certain the shade was dry I applied a drybrush of Games Workshop Ceramite White. This catches all the model's high surfaces and edges, adding contrast and detail.

I prepared all the surfaces that would be metallic by painting them black. This makes coverage much easier than trying to put a metallic over the Ushabti Bone.

I painted the prepared areas with Games Workshop Leadbelcher. I then washed them with Games Workshop Nuln Oil shade. Once the shade was dry, I drybrushed them with Games Workshop Stormhost Silver.

With the base colors applied, I moved on to the details.

I applied two thin coats of Vallejo Bloody Red to the weapon and chainfist housing, as well as the braids and purity seals. I then painted the chest emblem with a coat of Vallejo Sick Green and used Games Workshop Biel Tan shade to bring out the details. I painted the Crux Terminatus and Knee ornament with Vallejo Cold Grey, washed with Nuln Oil shade, and then dry brushed them with white. I also painted the shoulder Pauldron white, and applied Games Workshop Guilliman Blue to the recesses.

Finishing the details, I painted the eyes using Vallejo Bloody Red. I then applied Vallejo Beastly Brown to the dagger scabbard and areas that would be gold. This, makes coverage of the gold easier, and gives it a richer, warmer tone. I used Games Workshop Gehenna Gold and washed it with Games Workshop Reikland Fleshshade. Lastly, I drybrushed the gold with Stormhost Silver.

To finish the model I painted the base using Games Workshop Administratum Grey. I then applied a 5:1 wash of Games Workshop Lahmian Medium and Games Workshop Drakenhof Nightshade. This prevents the wash from getting too dark and brings out its blue value. When the wash dried, I drybrushed the base with Administratum Grey. Lastly I painted the rim of the base using two thin coats of Games Workshop Steel Legion Drab.

Using these steps, and painting in batches (ex: painting the red on all your models, then moving to the next color in assembly line fashion) You'll be able to get your forces ready to hunt the fallen in record time!


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  1. Excellent work! I've been reading your Primaris DA posts for inspiration - good stuff (working on a Blades of Vengeance army myself).