Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SHOWCASE: Trip's 2019 Year-end Recap

And so passeth the year of the Dark Angels.

Time for my annual year-end recap. As in the previous years, my hobby output isn't what it used to be, but we did make some major milestones this year.

Began a Watchmaster conversion for my kill team, but never completed it. Kinda dig this one. Should really finish it.

Purchased a primaris army. This was the start of something big.

Was the quiet before the storm...

Assembled the primaris marines, and even kitbashed a few unique characters. Every model in the army got a press mold sculpted base.

I also purchased and customized long-term storage for my armies, removing them from display and protecting them.

Madness took over, and I bought a LOT of Deathwing. I assembled them, created several kit-bashed, unique characters, and began painting in earnest.

I also kit-bashed a custom Azrael.

I completed the Deathwing terminators. It quickly grew out of control.

I also sold my Ultramarines army, and my Necron dynasty. They paid for the new army with plenty left over for future endeavors.

I finished the entire Deathwing army, including custom characters and a kit-bashed Belial.

I finally returned to the Primaris marines that started the whole thing, completing my Intercessors and Hellblasters. I also finished the lieutenants, Ancient and Gravis captain.

I sold off the massive space marine collection I had purchased and stripped the previous summer, netting me over 4x what I paid for it.

Hiatus. With the bulk of the new Dark Angels army complete, I decided to take a break from the hobby.

Let's check our resolutions from last year's post:

- sell off unwanted armies COMPLETE
- sell off unwanted terrain INCOMPLETE
- purchase storage for remaining vehicles and terrain COMPLETE
- finish stripping and sell off the Marine restoration lot I purchased in August COMPLETE
- finish Super Dungeon Explore! INCOMPLETE

You'll notice that "Start and entirely new, 2,500 pt army is not on that list... Still, I managed to complete three out of five goals, and am working on selling that terrain, which should happen soon.

- finish Dark Angels primaris army
- sell remaining terrain
- complete my watchmaster
- actually play the game!

Here's to another prosperous new year!


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