Tuesday, June 8, 2021

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 29: Ezekiel Conversion

The Keeper of Keys gets a primaris makeover.

Like Azrael, that metal model for Ezekiel just wasn't going to cut it. I purchased the primaris captain, and set about converting him immediately.

I snipped off the debris his left foot was standing on, and found that his pose was a perfect match to one of the bases from the Sigmar Heroic Bases set.

I didn't attach the cape, as I wanted as different a look from the in-box model as possible. I then attached the right arm from the primaris librarian and the left hand and pistol from the primaris apothecary kit.

I also attached the psyker's hood from the primaris librarian, which I had carefully cut off when making my Azrael conversion.

I added a spare, hooded head from the Dark Angels veterans kit. I specifically chose the head with the face mask, as it closely resembles the original model. He doesn’t have a bionic eye, but it’s close enough.

Quite a lot of work left to be done on this model, as I need to green stuff additional robes, and attach some more bits, but I'm pleased so far. Should finish him up around the time an official model is released...


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