Tuesday, June 1, 2021

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - part 28: Ravenwing Outriders conversions


The Indomitus bikers are indoctrinated into the second company.

I don't do "First-born" marines. So if we want some Ravenwing characters, we've got to kitbash them. I took the Ravenwing Command kit, the Indomitus outriders, and some Dark Angels veterans bits to put together this trio of Fallen hunters.

The apothecary is built using an Outrider with a spare Primaris apothecary head. His Left arm is constructed using a first-born powerfist arm from the veterans kit, with the narthecium bits from the Ravenwing command apothecary carefully trimmed and glued onto the bottom. The pauldron is also from the command kit. His power pack is a combination of the first-born Ravenwing apothecary's pack, with some additional, spare Primaris apothecary bits glued on top. Additional Ravenwing apothecary bits are placed around the model, as well as some additional purity seals and gear from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue.

The champion was constructed using an Outrider with a spare Indomitus Bladeguard head. Bits from the Ravenwing command champion have been placed around the model, as well as packs and markings from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue. The chainsword was replaced with the heavenfall blade from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue.

The ancient was built using an Outrider - I specifically chose the model with the helmet attached to his belt, so I could use the hooded head from the Dark Angels veterans sprue. Additional bits from the veterans sprue as well as the Ravenwing upgrade sprue were placed throughout the model. I clipped the banner from the Ravenwing Command kit off at the wrist, and also chopped off the model's right hand, to make a contact point for the parts, but have left them separate to make it much easier to paint.

All of the bikes have had their bolters painstakingly removed, and replaced with the Plasma Talons included in the Ravening Command kit. I have also taken the winged fairings and snipped them down, placing them along the bodies of the bikes.

Now they just need to be based and painted!


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  1. Super cool conversions. I love the idea of using the outriders to craft Ravenwing characters. Very cool!