Tuesday, July 28, 2020


The long awaited 9th edition collector's box is here!

Thanks to Logan (curse his name), and the team at warchief, I was able to get a copy of INDOMITUS, despite of all the scalping fuckery that occurred.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; GW knows how to make a boxed set. Killteam was amazing, the 8th edition starter is fantastic, but this... this takes it to another level. The amount of plastic here is unreal.

The finish and presentation are exceptional. The use of art inserts to protect and separate the game components is smart and adds value. Let's talk about the units included.


This is a sizeable force, clocking in just under 50 power level. I know that this isn't technically a "starter set" as those were just announced, but it's a hell of a way to start a space marine army.

I have to say that I'm not really into the look of the Captain and the Lieutenant. They seem overly-designed to me, with too much ornamentation - and the corpse relic on the Captain's shield is one of those things you either think is wonderfully over-the-top, or cringey -- and I fall dicidely into the "cringey" category. Both of these will get a head swap when I build them out.

The Bladeguard Veterans present an interesting wrinkle for me specifically, because I play Dark Angels. They've been given the keyword "Deathwing", as all veterans in the DA are separated into the 1st company-- but traditionally, they wear terminator armor. While these models look good in bone white, I'd prefer if my Deathwing remained solely in terminator armor. Same with the Ancient. Not sure what I'm going to do here...

The chaplain and Judiciar are amazing. I'll likely paint them first. Probably do a head swap on both of them, or simply sculpt some hoods.

The Assault Intercessors... The Dark Angels are a largely shooting army, so I'm uncertain what benefit a close combat unit has for them. Anything I need beaten to death I simply point Deathwing Knights at. The poses are super dynamic, though. REALLY wish these guys had jump packs. Every other primaris is phasing out old marines - don't know why GW doesn't just admit to it and go full ahead. They'll finish out my 3rd company.

The Eradicators are really cool. Looking at the chapter organization chart, I'm not sure where I'll fit these in. I've completed all the 3rd company, and started the 5th company with Lazarus -- and some Eliminators filling the two fire support slots. Maybe I'll just plunk these into the 9th company.

The Outriders; Shit. Shit. SHIT. I SWORE I wouldn't start a ravenwing. Goddamnit so much. Between these amazing designs and the leaked Landspeeder revamp it looks like I've got some upgrade sprues to buy. I've got a really great heroic base for the Sgt. as well!


When this set was first announced, I was like, "Well, shit. I just sold all my Necrons. Fu--". But looking at the massive leap in style and poses in the sculpts, I'm honestly happy to just start over. Every unit here is amazing. The posing, the styling, from the refresh of the basic warriors to the new Destroyer units, I love EVERYTHING about them. Looks like I'm buying the new Illuminor Szeras...

It's unlikely I'll paint them in the same silver and yellow scheme of my old army - while I thought that was unique, I can't pass up the chance to try something different when starting over. My only gripe would be that the Scarab swarms don't look very "swarmy". I'l likely make a press mold of the little buggers, so I can double and triple up the scarabs on each base.


I DO wish the lore and Rules were two different books. I love that the lore is included, but I just hate carrying around this massive tome that is 200+ pages larger than it has to be if I just want the rules. It's baffled me that GW has never done this. I also think it's kinda strange that there's no branding on the cover. If this is meant to be a special edition cover just for this set, why aren't the two armies in the box on the cover - doesn't make any sense.


Generally blown away by this box. As always, GW leads the entire industry in sculpts, from an artistic AND technical standpoint. While I'm not a fan of some of the marine styling, and I'm sorry (not sorry) that the bikes are going to be a gateway to another expensive wing on my Dark Angels, I'm kinda crazy for those zombie robots.

Here's to 9th edition! Long may it reign.


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