Tuesday, May 11, 2021

WIP: Rebuilding after the move

The single casualty of the move.

I knew this one wasn't going to make the trip to Japan in one piece. These old GW terrain kits are pretty bad. Unlike then new kits, they fit together very poorly, and often come apart when being moved from table to table-- let alone across the planet. Can't be upset, as it's a chance to build (rebuild) something big.

And big she was. The "Librarium Imperialis" I called it. It served as an excellent centerpiece to the Forgeworld tile set.

But the issue with these kits is how poorly they fit together. There's very little contact area on the surfaces, which gives glue very little to adhere to. Plastic glue, super glue - it's all the same. Without a large enough contact surface, it just doesn't hold. I'm considering using hot glue to act as a "mortar" between the plates. The alternative would be sanding down the bottom surfaces of every piece, and I'm just not ready for that kind of mess.

As we're nearly starting from scratch, I was tempted to rework the pieces into a completely different layout, but as you can see, the building was constructed specifically for the plinth on this Forgeworld Cityscape Realm of Battle tile. It has a strange, elongated shape. In fact, most of these Forgeworld tiles have some very oddly shaped foundations, necessitating equally oddly shaped buildings.

To be honest, the tiles turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag. They were a joy to paint, and models look amazing on them when photographed, but they're actually a pain in the ass to play on because of the irregular surface, and they were expensive as hell. Embarrassingly so, in fact. (when I think about the dumb shit I spent money on before I had children...)

Still, reconstruction has begun and should be complete some time in the 42nd millenium.



  1. Looks awesome for photos but yes, playing on them is horrid, I prefer the quiet sponge quality of mouse pad battle mats.

  2. Wow, you have room for terrain in Tokyo?

    I actually loved playing on those tiles. Yeah, it got a little wonky sometimes but it was worth it for the immersion. And your paint job was awesome

    1. I very much DO NOT have room for this stuff. Tried for months to sell it off before the move, but could never get a fair price.

    2. Wonder if you might have better luck over there? Maybe the store would be interested?