Tuesday, January 4, 2022

SHOWCASE: Trip's 2021 Year-end Recap

2021 draws to a close. What did I accomplish?

Regular readers will remember that I moved my entire family across the planet during a global pandemic last year. Settling into a new life in a new country presented its challenges, the least of which was hobbying. The stress of moving is bad enough, but when you can't do the things that make you feel like... you, it adds another layer. 

The first several months were spent living with in-laws while our personal belongings made the months long trek across the ocean. Once we had our own space in April, I set about carving out a small area for hobbying. So it should be no surprise that I managed very little.


Everything we owned was either in a freighter crossing the Pacific, or in a storage locker while we waited for our new home to be ready.


I converted and painted a Ravenwing Champion from the Indimitous set.

And painted a few more minis from the Super Dungeon Explore! set I purchased a BAJILLION years ago.


I worked on a Ravenwing Ancient, and started my 10th (!) army (more to come later.)

As for resolutions - I can't recall any from the previous two years. Things got kinda hectic, you know? For 2022 I will make two;

* Complete my Ravenwing Conversions
* Complete my DA Chaplain on bike
* Complete my Vanguard Detachment for my 10th Army

(OK, that's THREE, but I'm really excited about army number ten!)


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