Tuesday, January 18, 2022

WIP: Blood Angels Army - Part 2: Bladeguard Lieutenant


The Indomitus Lieutenant joins the Blood Angels.

I've got too many Dark Angel HQ units already, including the two Lieutenants from Dark Imperium, so I think I'm OK.

So into the Blood Angels he goes! And frankly, he'll likely always be run as a Bladeguard Veteran along with the first units I completed for this army.

Like the Bladeguard, he was fun to paint, if a little detail heavy. Painting charms and relics always slows things down a bit. I painted the Neo Volkite pistol in a more traditional plasma scheme, knowing that he'd often be used a Sgt. for the veterans. (though the Sg.t can take the NV as well)

On to the captain next.


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