Monday, December 5, 2022

Warhammer Store & Cafe Grand Opening: Tokyo


Another global flagship store opens!

Saturday December 3rd, 2022 was the grand opening of the Tokyo Store & cafe, and I managed to drag my family along for the occasion.

After a short ride on the JR line, we arrived in Akihabara and were greeted by a TWO HOUR LINE to enter the store!

Fortunately, we planned ahead, and a great friend (Yo, Jose!) held a spot for us while we grabbed lunch and kept the kids entertained. We joined him for the final half hour in line, and met several great people who were as excited as we were to check out GW's newest flagship location. (there were LOTS of expats in line - the most Caucasian faces I've seen together since moving to Japan!)

Inside was bustling with activity. There was a huge variety of product on sale, including forgeworld items (!), and even some older, out-of-print sets, like Soul Wars! There were painted figures on display everywhere, representing the best Japan had to offer from top hobbyists.

And there were, of course, incredible tables to play on, with the type of scenery you'd expect from a premier location.

The incredible elevated train trestle above was only eclipsed by this--

A massive administratum showcasing the Starter sets for 40K and Killteam, and a forgeworld titan!

I managed to escape with my wallet intact, but did pick up this - which I've been hunting for nearly two years!

Great fun, and will definitely return to enjoy the cafe when it's a bit less hectic!


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