Thursday, February 16, 2023

SHOWCASE: Salamanders Aggressor Squad


Another squad down. Pretty happy with how these came out!

I'm really powering through these pretty well now, by my standards anyway. The painting mojo is coming back to me slowly but surely. These are just painted to a tabletop level- I'll save the pretty stuff for HQs when I'm feeling a little more solid- but that tabletop level is getting better by the day. 

If anyone is curious, the burns on the flamers and the dust on the feet are Tamiya Weathering Master. It's basically pigments suspended in some kind of oil or wax so that it sticks without any kind of fixer. I rediscovered those in my hobby drawer and really love how they go on. I even dusted a tiny bit of "snow" powder on the burnt areas on the bases to get some ashes.

Speaking of the bases, I'm particularly happy with how these came out. Really adds some storytelling and makes the whole model look like it's painted at a higher level than it actually is. *pats self on back*

I'll probably slow down a touch from here. These guys were kind of going on at the same time as the last squad so they came together faster. The next squad of Eradicators will take a bit longer, and I might even take a break and either put together an ATV for this army, or dust off my half-finished GK Land Raider just to keep things fresh.

See you next time.


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