Friday, April 4, 2014

SHOWCASE: Custom Canis Wolfborn

A custom Canis Wolfborn, the savage of Fenris, I created using the Wolf Lord kit, and some bits from ebay.

Early in the building of my custom chapter, I had intended to bring Space Wolves as an allied force. Like a lot of players, I was drawn to the styling and animalistic nature of the chapter. I decided to bring Canis, and a pack of fenrisian wolves, because it would be an uncommon sight on the tabletop.

The catch was that I'm not too fond of the official Canis model. Even in finecast, it's obvious it's from an old metal era sculpt. While it has a lot of fun details on it, it's dated, and the style of Fangir, his wolf, doesn't match the newer, more realistic sculpts. - So I created my own.

While it's finecast (yuck), the wolf lord kit is pretty great, and there's no denying that the wolf looks fantastic. I decided to make Canis a little older, and gave him white hair instead of the flowing, Fabio-like, blonde locks the official model has. I like my marines old and grissled.

Canis isn't Canis without a set of claws, and I grabbed these off of eBay for a few dollars. As the wolf lord kit does not include the totem found on his backpack, I crafted an "iron halo" of my own using plastic rod and some spare bones bits from a fantasy kit a fellow modeler lent me.

The model is currently up for auction on eBay, and can be found at the link HERE.

What do you think, a successful conversion? Or do you prefer the official model?


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