Monday, April 7, 2014

WIP: Tau Broadsides

Progress on my two broadsides, including a great conversion inspired by Advanced Tau Tactica and Deet.

As discussed in last week's WIP, I'm not a fan of the HYMP build of this kit, so I decided to use a conversion found on ATT that Deet had successfully used on his broadsides. After lopping off the rail barrels with a hobby knife and filing down the surfaces, I embedded magnets in the parts to allow the weapons to be interchangeable.

In the image below, you'll note that I start with a very small pilot hole, and progressively work my way up in size to the final bit before I embed the magnet. I do this instead of going from pilot hole to final because I find that the polystyrene used in the models actually stretches if you try to drill too large a hole in it. Working up to the necessary size prevents this.

I prepared the models for priming by using poster tack to cover some of the joints that would later need to be connected. The glue I use, Revell Contaca Pro, DOES seal through paint, but it often takes longer to set, and the models arms sag as they dry. By keeping the surfaces masked, the glue will set more quickly, allowing me to position the arms once, and know that they won't droop under their own weight.

Here's a trick I picked up watching the "Buy Painted" channel on youtube. When you have to paint several small parts, simply stick them to a piece of tape, and then spray the entire surface. Ganging pieces like this saves a ton of time and frustration.

I often mount parts on the end of a post, so that I can turn them rapidly while priming, to ensure full coverage without touching the model and ruining the wet surface. Below you can see the models primed and ready for their base coats.

Are you working on broadsides? Have any tips to make gang painting faster or easier? Share below.


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