Monday, April 14, 2014

WIP: Tau Broadsides

Wrapping up the two broadsides I started last week. Pics and details after the jump.

I put the final touches on the two Tau broadsides in an effort to move my mega-painters project into its final leg. I really enjoyed building these models. The new Tau range is not only well crafted on a technical level, but the designs are also fun and inspiring.

As seen in the header image, I applied the base colors to the sub assemblies using an airbrush. For the red, I simply masked the models along the panel lines using tape, and applied the color. Because yellow often applies so transparently, I sprayed it as well, to get a smooth, even color finish. Once the missiles were painted, I then used a fine brush to complete the missile pods with vallejo charcoal grey.

Once the base coats were applied, I coated the model using a satin varnish. This not only seals the model to protect it, but helps the oil wash glide over the surface when applied to the details. You can see the torso sub assemblies below.

After oil washing and dry brushing the lower assembly, I used PVA (elmer's) glue on the bases, and applied sand of varying grit, as well as GW midland tufts, and bits of cork to form the larger rocks.

When the dry brushing was complete, I attached the armor panels. This allowed me to dry brush freely, without worrying about hitting the white armor.

With the upper and lower assemblies complete, I joined the two havles of the models. Using an airbrush, I applied vallejo beasty brown to the bases and drybrushed them with a combination of beasty brown and bone white. I brush painted the larger rocks with vallejo umber, and dry brushed them with umber and bone white. Lastly, I dry brushed the grass tufts with vallejo sick green, and then dabbed sun yellow paint on the tops to make them look like they have small flowering buds on them.

I'll post a showcase of the completed models later in the week.


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  1. Stunning work! Quick question, when you applied the oil wash, did you wait for it to dry before wiping it off or wipe it off immediately and avoid the details?