Monday, April 21, 2014

WIP: Repainted Tyranid Spore Mines

I took a few moments from my holiday weekend to repaint my 4th edition spore mines.

I mentioned these spore mines a few weeks ago in my Biovore conversion post. I grabbed them from eBay years ago, and they were among the first tyranid organisms I painted.

I've never fielded them, but with the revision of the codex, and my impending Biovore brood, they'll see some use, so I thought I should touch them up. I decided to paint them the same green I'm using throughout the hive fleet to indicate poison. The unique color makes them a standout unit, but still relates to the overall pallet.

This is how they looked previously. Not only were they purple, but the models are also very low. It makes them look like they have a lot of forward momentum, but in reality, they're a slow, unit.

So I used a hair dryer, heated the stems and gently bent the models, to give them a more upright appearance.

Then, I masked the bases and lower bodies with poster tack. You can buy this at most drug stores or department stores. It's cheap, easily shaped, and reusable.

I airbrushed a base coat of sun yellow with a touch of sick green in it. I wanted to keep the color light, so that the wash would show up.

Once the wash was dry, I detail brushed the highlight surfaces to make the contrast between the shades and highlights even greater. I did this by using pure sun yellow. And then I applied a layer of GW 'ard coat, to make everything appear wet and poisonous.

Have you gone back and retouched some  of your earlier models? Working on Biovores or spore mines? Share in the comments below.


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