Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: H.O.W. Expanding Its Scope- Brony Time!

After two plus years in the 40K hobby, Trip and I have decided to rededicate the site. Sure, we're still going to do Grimdark, but we're going to add a weekly feature on what really brought the two of us together: time to get our Twilight Sparkle on!

Trip and I have avoided discussing it openly for much of the existence of H.O.W. (but you may find the occasional hints if you look back through the comments with informed eyes), but the two of us share another hobby. In fact, it's actually how we met in the first place. The subject can sometimes draw public ire, but screw it. We're too old to care what anyone thinks anymore: WE'RE BRONIES!

Trip and I met at a Brony convention at the Airport Mariott 4-5 years ago. We made a trade on an old MIB Majesty from around '84 (the ones you had to spend pony points to mail order!). We struck up a conversation and hit it off.  A couple of years later we, by chance, started working together and found we shared another interest, and H.O.W. was born.

Just a quick preview post today, but we'll start in earnest next week showing off Trip's collection. His absolutely crushes mine. In the mean time, here's a sneak preview of my collection. This is about half of my FIM stuff.

We'll see ya on Ponychan!



  1. But do you have the MLP Friends Forever Vol 1 IDW trade?

  2. Are you going to do your own Space Marine Brony chapter? Please, do it.

  3. sreiously WTF.. How does this even happen??? I am really struggling to see the appeal.. they don't even have knifes...

  4. Feels good to finally get this off our chests. I'll go about retooling the header image and color palette of the site to match our new direction later today.

  5. Man, you guys are too easy!