Monday, April 13, 2015

WIP: Alpha Legion Progress

I've finally settled on my colors and am getting after painting these guys in earnest.  

After lots of debate on the colors I was still feeling torn on my color scheme. Comments here and on other boards had me doubting myself and feeling that I was too close to Ultramarines. After having a game at Trip's place this weekend and comparing my color tests to his Ultramarine blue on his Sons of Titan, I'm reassured in my color choice. Crazy how much color difference comes out of a camera, even when you've got your white balance dialed in. It's even tougher to tell where a color is in the spectrum without other colors around to compare them too. So here it is: green enough for ya?

I'm getting moving quickly now. 6 guys painted most of the way there. Next step is figuring out the bases.  I think I'm going to go with a WWI look with trench duckboards and razor wire. Parts ordered.

Speaking of that game at Trip's house, what an epic battle. We played 1550 of Trip's Nids vs my Grey Knights and our buddy's Space Wolves. We probably didn't take nearly enough pictures to do a proper battle report, but man of the match was my Dreadknight. Holy crap did that guy do work! He managed to fell 2 Carnifexes, 3 Warriors, two Venomthropes, 3 Hormigants, and a Tyrannofex before finally falling to Trip's Flyrant. I think Mr. Baby Bjorn has a purity seal coming!


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  1. Ah that looks much better. You definitely need the comparison blue to help showcase the green tones in the alpha legion!