Monday, April 27, 2015

WIP: Alphas Freehand and Weathering Done

This is turning in to a marathon project, and I'm only working 6/22 figures. I'm pretty happy with how they're coming out though. Spent a lot of time on freehands and chipping. Let's check em out.

My hand is getting steadier, and I'm able to get cleaner emblems than I used to. Next step is to really focus on consistency. These guys came out surprisingly well:

These guys are a little off though:

Now I've got just a touch of highlighting left to do and some detail mop up.  Still waiting on the left shoulder pads too, but at least the bases are done building. Will have to block some time out this week to prime those. 

After I finish this first squad, I'll probably take a break from these and assemble a Rhino just to have something different on my plate for a minute.


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic Deet! I absolutely love the chipping/weathering effect on these guys. Really goes great with your alpha legion tones!