Friday, April 3, 2015

Travel: Tokyo

I'm currently traveling in Japan with my family, showing off my son to the in-laws and enjoying the annual cherry blossoms. How pumped does that kid look to be in Tokyo? Amirite?!

I had the chance to stop by the games workshop store in Tokyo, at the famed Nakano Broadway mall. Although real estate is at a premium everywhere in Tokyo, the store still offered a full range of products for sale, a hobby station and a table for scheduled games.

you can see their facebook page HERE.

I was temped to pick something up, given the strength of the dollar against the yen, but decided against it - trying to keep that tide in check, you know? ;)



  1. Hey Ray, if there happens to be a Blood Angels codex in Japanese, I'm more than happy to reimburse you for it.

  2. Darian, they don't have it! Store manager says it was never translated!