Thursday, October 24, 2013


These guys are the second squad I ever painted, right after my Fire Warriors.  Love how they came out, (especially for a noob) and look forward to painting many more as my skills improve.  More pics after the jump.

I love me some Kroot.  They got nerfed in the last Codex, but they're one of the big reasons I chose Tau as my first army.  I loved the contrast between the Tau and their allies, and relished the chance to paint armor and lizard skin within the same army.  I definitely was, and am, much more comfortable with painting natural over mechanical, so I felt a lot more at ease on these than the Fire Warriors. The Kroot also have tons of room for customization and I really like the modelling portion of the hobby.

My squad leader and sometimes Shaper got a knife and some crude armor to differentiate him from the rest of the squad. He was the first to get a splash of war paint and I loved it so much I carried it through the rest of the models.  It really adds to the savage feel of the kroot.  The orange shoulder pads tie them to the rest of my Tau army.

Here's the back side where you can really see the contrast in color compared to the front view.  If you look at a lizard, snake, heck all kinds of animals, the belly is much lighter than the back.  I base coated everyone in pale olive and then sprayed the backs and tops of everything in a darker green to get the transition effect.

Looking back on these guys, I can see tons of details I could go back and add, but I'm still pretty happy with how they came out. 

Anyone else got love for Kroot?


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