Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VIDEO GAMES: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

What would have happened in the sequels to THQ & Relic Studio's Space Marine? The game's director reveals the plans that never came to be. Link to the story and more after the break.

Most readers should recognize Captain Titus in the Header image to this blog. I chose the image because it was an amazing piece of art, but also because that game is the reason why I got into Warhammer 40K in the first place.

Outside of occasionally walking past a Games Workshop hobby center, I had no idea what Warhammer was. Greymantle introduced me to the game when it launched in late 2011, and I was immediately struck by the unusual blend of futuristic tech and gothic aesthetic. I hadn't seen anything like it. The game was fun, involving and well polished. I was hooked. I played through the campaign multiple times, gleaning new story elements with every viewing. We spent tons of time in Exterminatus wreaking vengeance on the green tide, and hammering other players in the many online modes.

When THQ folded, we knew it was bad news for the continuing adventures of Captain Titus. I saw this article posted on the Penny-Arcade report, and thought I would share. While he's moved on to other projects (the rights to Warhammer now rest with Bethesda) the game's director briefly discusses what his plans were for the next two games in the series. And although it's great to hear what might have been, it also stings a little to know that we'll never see it come to fruition.

What would have happened in Space Marine 2 and 3 - as reported by Penny Arcade's Ben Kuchera


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