Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP: Grey Knights Dreadnought

Here's the one unit I've almost actually completed from my Grey Knights army.  All. Most. There.

I couldn't wait to start painting this thing when I got it in the mail from Ebay.  We all know how painful the prices of GW and FW models are, so I'm not opposed to saving money and grabbing models on the cheap now and again if someone over-buys models for their collection (who does that? not me. nope) and is looking to sell.  I'm a little dubious as to this model's origins though.  Not having ever bought a model from Forge World, I'm not positive what kind of resin they use.  This guy was pre-assembled, and there were definitely a few weird things going on, especially on the power plant on the back.  Not sure if that's because this is an illicit cast, or if the previous owner just didn't glue it together well.  No matter.  It's a great model and I can't wait to put the finishing touches on it.

This was my first attempt at basing my Grey Knights.  Gotta love that Scibor base.  I think it looks great from the front with all the brown, but from the back, the grey metal on grey stone wasn't working for me, even with all the mud and weird colors I worked in there.  I'll have to update him to match my Terminator's bases, which I think contrast a lot better. Shame, because I like the look of that multi-colored grey stone if it had a different model on it.

remember me?

That's it for me.  No more back work to lean on.  Going to have to start seriously painting to keep my contributions flowing. That Tripwire is a harsh taskmaster.  Gotta stay one step ahead of the whip!



  1. dang, man. I need to get my monitor calibrated. These pics always look so much better on my home monitor. All over-saturated and orange everywhere else.

  2. the images look a little warm, but not terrible. NOW, GET BACK TO PAINTING!

  3. was driving me nuts. fixed em. not perfect but better.