Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP: Grey Knights, part 231

Finally have some space to paint and back at it, but with so much freehand work to do, this has been slow going.  Still, some good progress after the jump.

I've been a little scattered in my work- not able to focus on just one unit and plug away, but since all these guys need to be done before I can field any of them independently  I guess that's not a terrible thing.  Finally got to re-basing the dreadnought. Just have a little bit of finishing work left to do on him (mostly sooting and painting his force halberd).  Terminator squad has made some good progress. Got the pauldrons on and painted the force lightning on all the weapons.  Not too happy with my freehand lightning, but I don't know that I'll do anything about it for now as it would require a ton of effort to fix. Realizing how tough tiny detail work really is and I'm not as good at it as I would have thought.  Grr.

Finally, getting some good progress on my generic HQ unit.  Lots of layering with all the cloth.  He's got a ton of gold detail too, so I've been getting to practice using the Vallejo alcohol metallics. Look gorgeous, tough to use. You can see on his right leg I tried just painting the filigree on his armor, but this paint is really tough to control.  Keeps drying up in the brush at inopportune times. Frustrating, but I may just slather it on and be done with it like I did on the right shoulder.

That's it for this week.  Will keep at it and hopefully have a whole allied attachment to bring to battle before vacation is over with.

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  1. you're being a little hard on yourself about the force lightning. I think it looks cool, and will read well on the table.