Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SHOWCASE: Grey Knights Terminators

My first post on H.O.W. way back when this blog started was on this very squad of Terminators.  Needless to say, they went on the back burner for a while.  But they're done now, and as far as I'm concerned, that's glorious.

OK, so the time frame was a little ridiculous- it took me more than 6 months to get these guys painted.  Of course lots of other models were painted in the meantime. In the end though, I'm pretty proud of them, as evidenced by the silly amount of pictures in this post.  I really love how they came out.  This was my first real freehand work- the insignias on the shoulders, the tiny banner text, the lightning. A lot yet to learn, but I'm pretty happy with it.  My force swords are a lot better now, and now that I've got my recipe down I'll be able to churn those out pretty fast.  The Scibor bases are fantastic, and a little bit of weathering powder really made them sing (created some nice mud around the edges). Damn if these buggers don't have a lot of detail though.  It's really takes a lot of patience to paint Grey Knights well.





Magnets FTW!

Patented H.O.W. action shot- defending the fuel depot from the unending maw

Whatcha think, oh people of the internets?

As mentioned last week, lots on my table begging for attention.  Trip wanted Knarloc riders, and while I was pretty excited about those a few weeks back, getting in to the cleanup work on all that FW resin really took the wind out of my sails.  It's going to take a nice long weekend uninterrupted to dig out the Green Stuff and do some serious patching, sculpting, and cleanup on those beasts.

I think I'm feeling pretty inspired by these Terminators, and with just 6 figures left to paint until I can field them as a primary force, I think I might jump right in to my strike squad.  They should keep me busy for a while.  I've got a lot of travelling going on for the next few weeks, so I'll probably just keep some assorted sprues in my suitcase and bust them out in my downtime so that I can get all my cleanup work done and not lose my momentum.


  1. They look sweet, so smooth and clean... And the bases look awesome.
    Please keep them coming!

  2. The pictures are great, but don't really do them justice. seeing the detail in person was really impressive.

  3. It's a great feeling to complete a project that's been hanging around for a while. Top effort. Lovely paint jobs.