Friday, April 18, 2014

SHOWCASE: Tau Broadsides

Full recovery from yesterday's computer crash! Here's a small gallery of my recently completed Tau Broadsides.

Thanks to the help of a close friend who's a computer genius, I'm back up and running, and able to post the showcase gallery I meant to upload yesterday.

I've been working on these two suits the last few weeks in an effort to bring my Tau mega-painters project to a close. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. It's a great kit, and using a few conversions found on the ATT forums, I was able to make them even better.

As noted in the WIP, I've magnetized the main guns, so that they can be used as either twin linked high yield missile pods, or twin linked rail guns.

And here's our cinematic shot. A group of fire warriors advances as a pair of Broadsides scans the desert for foes.



  1. Loving the blog, loving the models, keep it up!

  2. Great idea for conversion, I've been looking how to do this!