Friday, April 11, 2014

WIP: Tyranid Biovore conversion

An early look at a conversion I'm working on for my Hive Fleet, Unending Maw.

I've wanted to field a brood of biovores for a while now, but the model (beyond being stupid looking) is insanely overpriced. At $50 a piece, fielding a brood of three would cost prohibitive. Thankfully, while trolling the boards over at the tyranid hive (howdy, boys!), I came across a great thread where users share their conversions. Among them was the brilliant idea to use the new hive guard / tyrant guard kit to create "counts as" for the biovore.

Having purchased and created a set of two tyrant guard, I used the leftover model to create the first of my new brood. I've attached the bio-weapon to the creature's back, and re-purposed the armor plating to bulk it up. I've starting filling out the joints with greenstuff, and will add some extra tubes as well.

I also used parts of the shock cannon to give it a more interesting tail, to help differentiate it from the guard model. You'll also notice that I used a pair of genestealer arms in the center. The codex entry does not note scything talons or rending claws of any kind, so I used the frail looking base genestealer arms to drive home the fact that this is a bio-weapon creature with very little close combat ability.

I knew there was a reason I painted all those spore mines that came with the old 4th edition starter set I bought on ebay 3 years ago! Although, I think I'll repaint them in a green to make them look less like creatures, and more like poison bombs.



  1. Fantastic conversion. Will look incredible painted.

  2. Awesome conversions man. I hope you don't mind but I've used your idea and have referenced you in my blog! hope that's cool with you!

    1. absolutely fine by us! spread the word!

    2. Awesome! check them out yourself if you like!