Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RECAP: Dreadknight MVP!

A few pictures from our latest battle, featuring Deet's butt stompin' Dreadknight.

Got together on saturday and played a 1500 point game; tyranids vs grey knights with space wolves allies. I got to field my new venomthropes, and ran a few things I had never used before, including the trygon prime kitted with bio-artefacts.

Always great to play with friends, and going up against Deet's GK, and Greymantle's SW was good fun. After 6 grueling rounds, it was a tie game in the end - 9 to 9.

Didn't take the time to note everything down, but a few highlights were Deet's nigh-unstoppable Dreadknight that killed nearly everything in my army, and Grey's wolves actually surviving a hormagant melee.

Deet dropped his knight directly behind my MC's on turn one, using the vanguard strike rule and his very fortunate warlord trait. If you wonder how that turned out...

...this is what it looked like the next turn. Bye-bye tyrannofex and warriors! Before finally being killed by my flying hive tyrant, the knight slayed a tyrannofex, three warriors, two venomthropes, three termigants and two carnifexes!

His Stormraven looked really cool as it dropped to hover and deployed his interceptors.

Grey brought his formation in on my right flank, and proceeded to blast the living hell out of my army. Look at those hand painted shoulder pads!

I used a trygon prime for the first time, and kitted him with toxin and the miasma cannon bio-artefact. I even got to spill a 20 strong hormagant horde with adrenal glands and toxin sacks out of the burrow!

Amazingly, with a little combined firepower, and a preventive charge, Grey's wolves not only survived the close combat, but wiped the squad!

Plenty of scotch and bourbon, and lots of dice made for a great saturday afternoon.



  1. Brilliant photos and a sweet write up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic photos! Such lovely models!