Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP: Managing the tide (and a tease!)

I WILL ebb this tide!

Swore I'd do it, and here we are! The list from earlier this season was:

1 Land Raider (assembled and partially painted)
2 venomthropes PAINTED!
3 zoanthropes
1 neurothrope PAINTED!
3 tomb blades PAINTED!
1 ghost ark
1 annihilation barge SOLD ON EBAY
5 deathmarks PAINTED!
10 canoptic scarab swarms  SOLD ON EBAY

I've added a few small kits:
Necron Overlord (picked it up in Tokyo - couldn't resist!)
Necron characters (took the lychguard I was going to make into crypteks before the new book, and reworked them into the named HQ characters)

The current result is:
1 Land Raider (assembled and partially painted)
3 zoanthropes
1 ghost ark
Necron Overlord
3 Necron characters

Just five small kits! I've hustled on several kits, finishing them in stolen moments, and made some honest decisions with a few others, and put them up on ebay.

And that will be that. Four 2,000 point armies should really be enough, I think. I'll scratch my painting itch on commissions.

Now, for those that clicked past the headline, here's a quick tease of something coming to HoW next month!


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