Thursday, December 31, 2015

SHOWCASE: Deet's 2015 Year In Review

Following up on Trip's great review is going to be difficult. I'll have to try to go first next year! He had a kid and still managed to paint more than I did. Sigh.
Trip did a much more thorough month-by-month setup for his review. I suppose I might feel a little bit better about what I accomplished this year if I took that time, but I'm only really going to give myself credit for what I actually finished. The sad part? That was pretty much all in the first half of the year as the Alphas completely took over my table and brought my completion to a grinding halt.

My favorite model of the year was also my first. My Nemesis Dreadknight.

I followed that up by finally completing my Cadre Fireblade.

Finally initiating my long-planned Inquisition force, I knocked out these Psykers with some custom GS work.

Took a brief break from GW to paint up a D&D character, Dar Dimplefoot from Reaper Minis. Still really like this base.

 Always fun to start a new army. These Alpha troops were the first steps of my decent in to Chaos.

I actually did a ton of other work on Alpha stuff. There's all these troops, and the 'Fiend that I just can't get myself motivated to finish out. Lots of work done though. 

What will 2016 hold? Lord, who knows. If I get a house with a decent hobby space, we get some more games in? Maybe I'll get back to it in earnest. I've certainly got plenty of models left to paint. I think I need to give some love to my Tau. Believe it or not, I've only got one Broadside painted and don't even own a Riptide, much less any of the new mega suits. That will have to change. I'm eager to knock out my first tank in a GK Landraider I've been ignoring for far too long, and I could definitely use some more Terminators to man it. I'm definitely eager to field these Alphas, and maybe when the new codex drops I'll be motivated (*please be a good codex*).

That's it for my underwhelming 2015. May '16 be better! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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